Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lark Sparrow in Devens... again? 12/15 - 01/26

On December 15th, over a month ago, I stepped outside of the building where I work in Devens, to a bunch of weird chip notes I didn't recognize. I spotted the bird making the racket; a large sparrow with a black dot in the center of its unstreaked breast. I immediately thought American Tree Sparrow, but it seemed off. Then the bird flew to a nearby tree and I got a flash of white on the edges of its tail. Lark Sparrow! I walked up to the tree for a closer look at the face only to watch the bird take off North West. Completely Gone. My coworker, Ray, was with me at the time and agreed it was a Lark Sparrow, but I decided not to do anything with the sighting. There just wasn't enough evidence to confirm the sighting and I never got a look at the facial pattern since I was looking up at it. Although I had the very cooperative Lark Sparrow at the Berard's feeder in 2008, it was still a big disappointment. They call me the big dipper.

Today (01/26) while checking feeders around Devens, I spotted a definite Lark Sparrow feeding on the ground with juncos! This is about 1.4 miles away from the original sighting (this is a Worcester County Bird). Could it be the same bird? Luckily, I had my camera this time:

I first took some quick photos just in case it decided to take off.
I walked closer for some great looks.
Hopefully I'll get to speak to the landowner soon and they'll allow their address to be available to other birders.


  1. Nice find Kevin!! Your photographs and blogs posts are great!

  2. Kevin...these photos are fantastic! I can even see the necessary markings!!!!! Thanks!