Saturday, September 8, 2012

Red Crossbills - Rutland State Park

I counted a flock of 29 RED CROSSBILLS in Rutland this afternoon. They were seen in the swamp off Coldbrook Road about 0.5 miles in from the route 122 entrance and on the left. After a tip from two birders (Dave and....Sorry!), I waited about 20 minutes when the large flock flew in. They seemed to be feeding in the pines and spruces surrounding the swamp and then perching in the dead trees while using the swamp below for drinking. I believe Peter Morlock originally spotted this flock earlier in the day. Not the best lighting or distance for photos, but you can see some color I guess.


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  1. Nice pics, Kevin! I think these must have been the same guys that I saw in South new Salem!!! :)